About Us


Having started as a small business we have been in the StoneWork business for nearly 20 years in India. With this experience we have been able to acquire skilled craftmanship and proficiency in this field. Now we have started expanding our business overseas.

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change.”
Leon C. Megginson

Going Global has been the change we have been awaiting and here we are to best serve you and your business with the proficiency attained through our experience. So, come let’s build something together

Structural Slabs


Tomb Stones



Our Operations team consists of skilled craftsman, who delivers every monument with utmost accuracy and proficiency. With a very strong team like this we have been able to build a very experienced and powerful business over the years. Our team understands the requirements of the customers and can fulfil every request with utmost care and detail. With this team we can assure the best of quality and timely delivery.

- LUSH Granites Team